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House removals questions


To help alleviate much of the stress usually associated with moving home, we’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions which, we hope, will provide you with the information you are looking for.

If however you still need to discuss your forthcoming move, please get in touch with our team of experts on 01332 498321.  We will be happy to guide you and answer your questions.

Got any questions?   Call now on 01332 498321

  • How do I arrange a quotation?
    It’s easy – call us on 01332 498321 or visit our contact page and send us your details to arrange a free property survey. A brief visit allows us to assess factors such as the volume of goods we need to move, access to property, type of packing required.
  • Do we have to pay a deposit?
    No, but we do need full payment seven days before the move.
  • Can we provisionally book a moving date?
    Unfortunately we can’t take provisional bookings. A completion date has to be confirmed.
  • Will Derby Removals disconnect my washing machine?
    No. We take care of most things, but that’s something you’ll have to sort out yourself before moving day.
  • Will you do all of my packing and unpacking?
    Yes, but only if you want us to. It depends entirely on your preferences. We can carry out a full pack or a breakables-only pack. Both are cost-effective, but if you choose to, you can pack by yourself.
  • Can you transport my plants?
    Yes. We can transfer your greenery, though not into storage.
  • What if we need to store our furniture/other large items?
    We can arrange storage for any quantity or duration. We’re not just removal experts, we’re storage professionals too, so whatever you want to store, we have the right space for you!
  • Are your staff fully trained?
    Derby Removals has a highly skilled workforce. We’re committed to providing regular and ongoing training so that all staff know the latest packing and handling techniques.
  • Are you an insured service provider?
    Yes, each removals service provider has an active Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances
  • I’m packing by myself but what about large pieces of furniture? Can you move those?
    Absolutely. Our vans are furnished with tail lifts for safe and easy loading and unloading. If the piece of furniture is too big, we can have it dismantled.
  • I need to vacate my property but there will be a few days until my new home becomes available. What do I do?
    We can help you with this as we offer convenient moving and storage services. For more information, get in touch with our friendly customer care team.
  • How do you calculate the price for the full house removals service?
    The moving house service is charged hourly. And different factors are taken into account, regarding our hourly rates. For instance, the type, size and floor of the house, the number of house movers needed to complete the job, the time and day, during which the service will take place, the type of vehicle that will be used, etc. are all considered when we formulate the final house move costs.
  • Can you help with a partial house move?
    Yes. Whether you are sending your son to university in a different city or you just want to transport items such as household furniture or personal belongings to your parents, we can help. Small home moves are usually covered by our man and van solutions.
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