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James P Hogan Inherit The Stars Epub Download

James P Hogan Inherit The Stars Epub Download

Inherit the Stars is the first novel in the Giants series by James P. Hogan, a science fiction saga that spans millions of years and explores the mysteries of the origin of humanity and the Solar System. The novel was published in 1977 and was inspired by the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, which Hogan enjoyed until the ending.

The story begins with the discovery of a 50,000-year-old corpse of a man in a red spacesuit on the Moon. The man, nicknamed Charlie, has features that are not human, such as big eyes, long nostrils, and abundant body hair. He also has a genetic code that is incompatible with any known life form on Earth. The mystery of who he was, how he got there, and what killed him leads to a series of revelations that challenge the conventional history of humanity and the Solar System.


The novel is a blend of hard science fiction and adventure, with realistic scientific details and plausible explanations for the puzzles that the characters encounter. Hogan also introduces a rich prehistory of the Solar System, involving an ancient civilization of Giants who lived on a planet called Minerva between Mars and Jupiter, and their descendants who fled to a distant star system after a cataclysmic event. The novel also explores themes such as the nature of intelligence, the role of religion, and the ethics of genetic engineering.

Inherit the Stars is widely regarded as a classic of science fiction and has been praised for its originality, imagination, and suspense. It has been translated into several languages and has spawned four sequels: The Gentle Giants of Ganymede (1978), Giants' Star (1981), Entoverse (1991), and Mission to Minerva (2005). The first three novels have been collected in an omnibus edition called The Two Moons (1986).

If you are interested in reading Inherit the Stars, you can download it as an epub file from [this link]. Epub is a format that is compatible with most e-readers and devices. You can also find other formats and editions of the novel on [this page].

We hope you enjoy this fascinating journey into the past and future of humanity and the Solar System!


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