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Kitab Ad Durun Nafis Pdf 225

Kitab Ad Durun Nafis Pdf 225

Kitab Ad Durun Nafis (The Precious Pearl) is a book written by Syekh Muhammad Nafis al-Banjari, a prominent scholar and Sufi from Banjar, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The book discusses the concept of wahdatul wujud (the unity of existence), which is the core of Sufism and the essence of Islamic monotheism. The book also explains the various stages and states of the spiritual journey, as well as the mystical experiences of the Sufi masters.

The book was written in Jawi, a modified Arabic script used to write Malay and other languages in Southeast Asia. The book was composed in 1200 AH (1785 CE) as a response to a request from some of the author's friends who wanted a simple and clear exposition of Sufi doctrine. The book is divided into four chapters, each dealing with one aspect of wahdatul wujud: wahdatul af'al (the unity of actions), wahdatul asma' (the unity of names), wahdatul sifat (the unity of attributes), and wahdatul zat (the unity of essence).

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The book is considered one of the most influential works of Sufism in Southeast Asia, especially among the Malay-speaking Muslims. It has been widely studied, commented, translated, and printed in various countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. The book is also known as Buku Permata Yang Indah (The Beautiful Gem) in Malay.

The PDF version of the book can be downloaded from several sources on the internet, such as [], [], and []. The PDF file contains 41 pages and has a size of 3 MB. The PDF file is based on a printed edition published by Percetakan Halabi in Thailand.

The book is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone who is interested in Sufism and Islamic spirituality. It offers a concise and lucid explanation of the most profound and sublime aspects of Islamic belief and practice. It also invites the reader to embark on a journey of self-discovery and divine love.


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