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Where to Download Big Hero 6: The Best Sites and Platforms for the Disney Hit

Big Hero 6 is a 2014 American computer-animated superhero film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The 54th film produced by the studio, it is loosely based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name created by Man of Action.[5] It was directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams from a screenplay by Jordan Roberts, Robert L. Baird, and Daniel Gerson, and produced by Roy Conli. The film stars the voices of Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Daniel Henney, T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez, James Cromwell, Maya Rudolph, and Alan Tudyk. Big Hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a young robotics prodigy, and Baymax, his late-brother Tadashi's healthcare-provider robot, who form a superhero team to combat a masked villain who is responsible for Tadashi's death.

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Hiro joins his friends at the university, and discovers Baymax's healthcare chip clenched in the rocket fist. He rebuilds Baymax, and they and their friends continue to protect the city as a team of high-tech superheroes, known as Big Hero 6.

Conversely, Lasseter dismissed the idea of a rift between the two companies, and producer Roy Conli stated that Marvel allowed Disney "complete freedom in structuring the story".[46][47] Disney Animation Studio President Andrew Millstein stated: "Hero is one example of what we've learned over the years and our embracing some of the Pixar DNA."[48] Regarding the film's story, Quesada stated, "The relationship between Hiro and his robot has a very Disney flavor to it ... but it's combined with these Marvel heroic arcs."[33] The production team decided early on not to connect the film to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and instead set the film in a stand-alone universe.[49]

In the U.S. and Canada, the film is the second-highest-grossing science-fiction animated film (behind 2008's WALL-E),[101] the third-highest-grossing animated superhero comedy film (behind 2004's The Incredibles and 2018's Incredibles 2),[102] and the fifth-highest-grossing Disney animated film.[103] The film earned $1.4 million from late Thursday night showings, which is higher than the previews earned by Frozen ($1.2 million) and The Lego Movie ($400,000).[104][105] In its opening day on November 7, the film earned $15.8 million, debuting at number two behind Interstellar ($16.9 million).[106][107] Big Hero 6 topped the box office in its opening weekend, earning $56.2 million from 3,761 theaters ahead of Interstellar ($47.5 million);[108][109] at the time it was Walt Disney Animation Studios' second-best opening behind Frozen ($67.4 million), both adjusted and unadjusted.[110][111][112][113]

Bill Goodykoontz of The Arizona Republic gave the film a positive review, writing, "Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams have made a terrific movie about a boy (Ryan Potter) and his robot friend, who seek answers to a deadly tragedy," calling it an "unexpectedly good treat".[140] Soren Anderson of The Seattle Times gave the film 3.5 out of 4 stars, saying that "Clever, colorful, fast on its feet, frequently very funny and sweet (but not excessively so), Big Hero 6 mixes its myriad influences into a final product that, while in no way original, is immensely entertaining."[141] Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a positive review, saying that "the funny and heartwarming story about the bond between a teen tech geek and a gentle robot represents another can't-miss proposition by Walt Disney Animation Studios."[142] Jon Niccum of The Kansas City Star gave the film 3.5 out of four stars, writing that while it "may hit a few familiar beats inherent to any superhero 'origin story,'" it is still "the best animated film of the year, supplying The Incredibles-size adventure with a level of emotional bonding not seen since The Iron Giant", and that it "never runs low on battery power".[143] Elizabeth Weitzman of the Daily News gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, calling it a "charming animated adventure", saying that with "appealing 3D animation" and a smart and "sharp story and script", it is "one of the rare family films that can fairly boast of having it all: humor, heart and huggability".[144] Rafer Guzmán from Newsday gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, saying that "Marvel plus Disney plus John Lasseter equals an enjoyable jumble of kid-approved action", with "rich, vivid colors and filled with clever details".[145]

To stream or to download the movie click on the Download button at the end of this review. The film is available on iTunes in both SD and HD quality. You can count on audio in many different languages and subtitles.

Despite the healthcare chip being the source of his default programming, other chips inserted in his port or certain states Baymax finds himself in can also affect him greatly, and everything he learns from them is stored in his memory. If his primary chip is removed, Baymax is left subject to the remaining chips, becoming an entirely different being as a result. For instance: Hiro first programmed a chip with fighting moves so that Baymax could attack Yokai, but the healthcare chip prevented him from actually injuring him. As Hiro removed the healthcare chip out of rage, Baymax's programming was overridden and attempted to kill Yokai until he was stopped by the rest of his teammates, who placed the chip back inside him. Upon learning this lesson, Hiro built a new "superhero chip", which allowed Baymax to regain his fighting skills but also gave him a strong sense of justice, therefore preventing him from any more violent outbursts, should the healthcare chip be removed again. However, the darker personality developed through the fighting chip still exists within his data but can only be accessed when his chips are corrupted or overridden (such as the use of Obake's chip). During this change of personality, Baymax is no longer compassionate and is willing to kill anyone if he is ordered to. The most notable change of this is that his eyes glow red and his voice becomes deeper.

The second armor is worn by Baymax in his superhero form: This one is made of red and purple metal, and has a sleek, trim design compared to the prototype. It has rocket thrusters equipped into its feet and back-mounted wings to enable flight. In addition, the armor has reinforced durability and flexibility to improve Baymax's speed and strength. His helmet's visor was transparent in the film but was changed to translucent blue in Big Hero 6: The Series.

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