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Structural Analysis For Revit 2019 Crack

Structural Analysis for Revit 2019

Revit is a powerful software for building information modeling (BIM) that allows architects, engineers, and contractors to design, analyze, and construct buildings in a collaborative environment. Revit also supports structural engineering workflows, enabling users to create and modify structural elements, perform structural analysis, and generate detailed documentation.

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One of the tools that can enhance the structural analysis capabilities of Revit is the Structural Analysis Toolkit 2019. This toolkit is available on the Autodesk App Store and includes the following components:

  • Link with Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional: This component allows users to transfer a Revit analytical model to Robot Structural Analysis Professional, a software application that can perform advanced linear and nonlinear analyses of any structure type and shape and design steel, concrete, and timber elements. Users can also import results from Robot back to Revit and display them on the analytical model.

  • Structural Results Storage and Exploration tools: These tools enable users to review, download, or remove results packages from the cloud. Users can also use the Results Explorer to display result maps and diagrams on elements of the analytical model in Revit. The results can be filtered by load cases, load combinations, or result types.

The Structural Analysis Toolkit 2019 is compatible with Revit 2019 and requires an internet connection and an Autodesk account to access the cloud services. Users can also install the Robot Structural Analysis Extension from the Autodesk Desktop App or download it from the Product Updates page for later versions of Revit (2021, 2022, 2023...).

With the Structural Analysis Toolkit 2019, users can leverage the power of Revit and Robot Structural Analysis Professional to perform comprehensive structural analysis and design of buildings. Users can also benefit from the cloud services that provide fast and reliable results storage and exploration.

To learn more about Revit for structural engineering and design, visit the Autodesk website.


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