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Choosing The Right Storage Solution For Your Furniture

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Self Storage Derby

There are numerous different scenarios where you may require storage services. Just some examples of this include you moving house, your children are coming home from university for a while, or you’re renovating your house – the list is endless. If you find yourself requiring storage services, there are many ways a Derby storage company can help. Thanks to the assistance of a professional team, it really is easier than ever before to find somewhere to store your belongings. So, to help anyone who is currently trying to choose a storage facility for their furniture, below are some important things to think about.

The Type Of Furniture You Want To Store

Of course, the furniture that you need to store will affect the size of the unit you require and, in turn, your choice of storage facilities. Consider whether you’re able to dismantle the pieces of furniture you’re going to be storing and how much space they will take up once dismantled. You also need to think about what square foot unit you’re going to require, no matter whether you are dismantling the furniture or not. Remember to take into account getting the furniture into the unit too.

Self Storage Derby Moving House

The Length Of Time You Need To Store Furniture For

Whether you require short term or long term storage will also influence which storage facility is going to be best for you to use. You will find that the vast majority of storage options have a minimum storage period, which tends to be one week, and often, you will be able to get a loyalty discount if you require a storage unit on a long term basis too. So, think realistically about how long you’re going to need storage for your furniture for.

The Likelihood That You Need To Access The Furniture

Different storage options will be more suitable depending on if you need to be able to get to the furniture that you’re storing or not. Self-storage is usually recommended if you want access as you can come and go as you wish, whereas something like container storage is best if you don’t need frequent access. Consider whether having access to your stored furniture is important to you or if you can simply leave it in a facility until the end of your unit hire.

The Level Of Security You Require For Your Furniture

When you want to store expensive or sentimental pieces of furniture it is likely that security will be a concern and not all storage facilities provide the same protection to your belongings. Ideally, you should look for a secure storage centre that has 24/7 CCTV and is only accessible by authorised visitors, but think about how important security is to you and what type of security you consider to be essential. It is also worthwhile looking into insurance as well.

The Amount You Have To Spend On Storage

Your budget will always play a vital role when you’re choosing a storage solution and furniture storage will cost different amounts when you turn to different storage facilities. Generally speaking, different sized storage units cost different prices too, so the amount of storage space you need will directly influence how much your storage is going to cost you. Consider how much you’re able to spend on storage and then get a few different storage quotes.

Arranging Storage For Your Furniture

Thankfully, there will be a few convenient storage options available for all homeowners who need a secure place to store their furniture nowadays, no matter what their individual needs may be. Hopefully, by taking into consideration everything mentioned above you will find it slightly easier to choose the right storage solution for your furniture and you can also ensure that you’re opting for the most suitable storage facility too.

When searching for secure storage units in Derby, this is something we can help with here at Derby Removals. We offer a variety of flexible storage options and no matter what your requirements may be, we will have the perfect solution for you. When choosing to store your furniture with us, we can collect it from you or you can deliver it yourself, but whichever you choose, our friendly storing team will be pleased to assist you. To find out more about our storage for furniture, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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