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Altium Designer 18.1.7 Beta Crack

Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta

Altium Designer is a powerful and easy-to-use PCB design tool that brings together unified design and native 3D capabilities to help you create next-generation electronics. The latest update to Altium Designer, version 18.1.7, is a beta release that delivers enhancements to the software's core technologies and addresses a large range of important issues raised by customers.

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What's new in Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta?

As a 'point' release, Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta is focused on stabilization, the implementation of bug fixes and finalizing features introduced in Altium Designer 18.0. Some of the new features and updates include:

  • Improved performance and stability of the PCB editor, especially when working with large and complex designs.

  • Enhanced support for high-DPI monitors and scaling options for better user experience.

  • New options for importing preferences from a previous version or major release of Altium Designer, allowing you to customize your design environment according to your needs.

  • Improved routing and interactive editing features, such as track glossing, differential pair routing, push and shove, and track length tuning.

  • New features and enhancements for ActiveBOM, such as supplier ranking, component availability, and alternative parts management.

  • New options for generating and exporting fabrication and assembly data using Draftsman and Output Job files.

  • New features and improvements for the Altium Product Improvement Program, which allows you to participate in the development of Altium Designer by providing anonymous usage data and feedback.

How to install Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta?

Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta is available as an update to Altium Designer 18.0, and may be downloaded and installed from the Updates page of the Extensions & Updates view. Alternatively, you can download and run the Altium Designer 18.1.7 installer and select the Update existing version option in the Installation Mode page of the installer wizard. If you want to install Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta as a separate new installation, you can select the New installation option in the install wizard.


Altium Designer 18.1.7 beta is a valuable update that offers many improvements and fixes to the software's core functionality and user interface. It also introduces new features that enhance your design productivity and quality. If you want to try out the latest version of Altium Designer, you can download the free trial from [here].


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